My professional career has involved me in the design and construction of a comprehensive range of building types, including many complex ones, for which I have had to deal with both traditional and innovative technical, analytical and contractual problems.  On the basis of my extensive experience I have also successfully practised as an expert witness, taking on consultant assignments in disputes and litigation since 1991.  

While my remit as an expert witness has been as wide as my experience in planning, design and construction and my skills thereby can meet all general professional requirements, my special knowledge and experience of particular matters has proved appropriate and has made a pronounced contribution in some kinds of cases:

Problems concerning  

weathertightness, condensation

perishable or inappropriate building materials

subsidence, heave, cracking, sonic & seismic shock

commercial kitchen installations & servicing

interior design services and contracts

turnkey responsibilities in buildings of exceptional quality   

construction workmanship

buildings for public authorities & corporate clients

defective work on listed buildings

design & specification inadequacies

planning requirements, applications and negotiations

fulfilment of statutory requirements

responsibilities of the architect.

My experience and instructions have also included service as 

single joint expert

expert in multi-party actions

legal aid-funded expert




RIBA-registered Client Design Advisor

architectural competition assessment.